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Caps, caps everywhere!

Caps, caps everywhere! I am inspired.

It seems there is no end to all of the choices we have for the caps we will wear and share this year. No doubt about it, it’s a favorite project to knit or crochet around here. Every year Leisure Arts employees donate their time to “Knitting for Noggins”, making caps in every spare moment and having a great time doing it. I dare say there are often a few competitions among friends to see who can make the most and just to beat last year’s contribution.

Knitting for Noggins

We have long enjoyed participating in numerous charity efforts, both through the personal involvement of our employees and through the many books and leaflets we publish. One of the first ones I remember was “Caps for Kids”, started in the San Francisco Bay area by Bonnie Green in 1984. Bonnie owned the Yarn Country stores and suggested to her customers that they make hats with their scrap yarns and Yarn Country would find an organization that could use them. The program grew by leaps and bounds. Across the country thousands of hats were being given to needy children.

In 1987, TNNA and the Hand Knitting Association sponsored a national hat design contest to generate new patterns. Leisure Arts published the winning designs and proceeds from the sale of the publication also went to help support “Caps for Kids”. What a great initiative, and knitters and crocheters are no less generous today.

The cap fever I’m seeing isn’t limited to the work place. Neither is the act of giving by so many stitchers. Last weekend, I visited my mother. I entered her home to find an array of knitted caps and scarves of all kinds and colors. Yes, she had been in her yarn stash and it was wonderful. Kids and grandkids were invited to choose their favorites and the happy selection and modeling began! Now she’s starting on crochet styles. Lucky me! I’m counting on getting at least one of them.

If you like to crochet, check out Drew Embrosky’s, All In Caps. My personal favorite is the pick slouchy beret on the cover. It doesn’t always turn out that my picks are on the cover but this time it did!

If knitting is your preference, get into Deborah Norville’s book to find the pattern for these little cool-colored jewels.

Caps are great gift ideas and ‘tis the season for giving so grab your knitting needles, crochet hooks and join in the fun. The recipients will love them. Be sure and treat yourself to a few – you’ll be warm and stylin’ too!

One thought on “Caps, caps everywhere!”

  • Molly

    I am 60 yrs old and have been crocheting since I was 8 yrs old. I came down with MS two years ago and now I am either in my wheelchair or on good days I use my walker. We live in South Dakota and I make TONS of caps all year long to donate to the Sioux San Hospital here in Rapid City. They need all sizes from preemies to elders, and they are always so thankful.

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