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Back Home to Philadelphia

Going to Philadelphia for a book signing at AC Moore was fun for a multitude of reasons.

First, Philly is where I grew up! Second, AC Moore was celebrating it's grand opening in Willow Grove and the store was buzzing with special deals and other great authors signing their books. Third, Philly had it's first snow fall of the season right in the middle of my event and I do love snow!

A lot of people were wondering if they could purchase wrapping scarves with the books so I started to look around the store for some things that might work.
AC Moore had a small fabric section with pre-cut pieces of rectangular printed cotton that I was able to fold into squares and try a couple of techniques. The fabrics were very cute but the unfinished edges weren't very attractive and next time, I think I'll have them send me some of their fabrics ahead of time so that they can be made into finished DIY projects.
Do you have pieces of pretty fabric lying around your home? Well, be sure to check out The Wrapping Scarf Revolution for ideas on how to create gorgeous wrapping scarves for all your holiday wrapping. If your local library doesn't carry the book, just put in a request and it shouldn't be too hard for them to get a hold of a few copies for lending.
Until next time, Happy Wrapping!

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