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To Make New Years Resolutions


Why am I so conflicted, you might ask. Well, the real reason is that I never keep them! I start off with good intentions (you know what they say about good intentions) and then somewhere between good intentions and March they disappear.

Does that ever happen to you? I hope so. I would hate to think that I am the only breaker of resolutions out here. I was wondering today though…what kinds of resolutions WOULD I keep? I know which ones I should keep and those are the traditional gotta lose X pounds or I need to start eating healthy or I need to start working out.

SO off I went on the trail of finding the perfect Health related resolution. I happened upon and an article called 50 ways to burn 500 calories per day. I am thinking that is doable and maybe I could stick to one of them that appears to be simple or easy. Let's face it; I am not big on will power. Then I read them and thought how appropriate it is to share my thoughts on just a few of them:

DANCING – Two hours of dancing burns 500 calories…Are you kidding? Two hours of dancing and I would be dead.

CLEAN HOUSE –Tidy for 2.5 hours and burn 510 calories…What and cut into my housekeepers livelihood?

USE A SMALLER PLATE – You will eat 25 % less….that is if you don’t count eating out of the pot you cook in (and that doesn’t count does it?)

STEP AWAY FROM THE NUTS – avoid unhealthy oils and save 500 calories … does that mean no Snickers just Hershey kisses?

But next I found the perfect one. Pass it on to all our fellow knitters:

AN AFTERNOON OF KNITTING CAN BURN MORE THAN 500 CALORIES (AT A RATE OF 100 CALORIES PER HOUR) not to say you can’t relax while you’re knitting!

Girls/Guys let’s get knitting! Let’s see, if I make 10 hats, 20 scarves, a couple of sweaters…. I could lose 10 pounds! Enjoy and Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “To Make New Years Resolutions”

  • Barbara

    What a way to knit!lol I'm not a knitter though, my choice is crochet, I love it! How many calories with that hmmm? I can just see me crocheting in the bath though, what fun! New Year's Resolutions are fine and it's good just having the want to do it. At least you tried. I picked a simple one, use more color in my crochet this year! Woo Hoo!Moorecrochet:)BarbM

  • Molly

    You made a good attempt at cutting calories, I have to give you that. But I am a crocheter and I don't think I can burn as much. I guess for me it is going to be crochet and don't eat !! Wish me luck.

  • Pam

    I'm a crocheter too Molly. Haven't made much headway on the calorie cutting and it's already mid-February! So much for that resolution, but I've turned out a couple of caps and a scarf. Kept my hands out of the cookie jar for a little while. And it's been so cold, they were put to good use immediately. That counts for something, doesn't it?

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