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Little Heartfelt Things, Big Smiles

Getting ready for Christmas meant the usual shopping frenzy - making the lists and checking them twice. And once everything was accounted for I threw myself into the wrapping marathon. There are some parts of that activity that I really like to do, some I confess I don’t. I like ribbons of all kinds, so bow-making ranks on the “like” list. Making individual gift tags also goes on the “like” list. No pre-made tags for me; it’s so much more fun to pull out the papers and pens and make personal ones. It’s quick, easy and importantly, relaxing to grab some creative time in the middle of all the hustle and bustle.

Once all of the papers, trims & other craft supplies were out and strewn everywhere, I was inspired to do more with it all. So, at the last minute I decided to create a mini-album for 3 young nieces and a daughter. I didn’t have a grand plan, I just jumped in. They turned out to be quite a hit. It was great seeing their delight in receiving little gifts made especially for them. I really think I’m the one who received the greatest gift - the time spent. Going through photos to find shots that could be used meant reflecting on each of them. Cutting and gluing, figuring out what could be done with little snippets of left over ribbons, brads and what have you was some of the best holiday time for me -- just thinking about the special people in our lives and doing something special for them.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate, it doesn’t have to be a museum quality work of art …it needs only to be a little heartfelt thing, handmade by you and big smiles and hugs will come your way!

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