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Get Your Lucky On

Do you Remember what Forrest Gump says when bullies call him stupid? “Stupid is as stupid does.” Forrest’s mama taught him well and I was reminded of this as I went through a great slide presentation by social media strategist Tara Hunt. We often think of luck as something that is beyond our control but this list from a scientific study done by Richard Wiseman puts into words what I’ve been feeling for a long time: "Lucky is as lucky does." We all know a few people who seem to have been born under a lucky star but for the rest of us, luck is something we can create a lot more of. Among the five things listed here, four consist of action verbs like follow, balance, go, and see. Only in the last item do we run into a more passive state of being.

Do you want some luck in your corner today? Well you’d better get busy! In Korea, waste is considered very unlucky and the actions that people take to avoid waste include using wrapping scarves instead of disposable wrapping paper or disposable bags. Try hemming the sides of some scrap fabric you have lying around the house and using it to wrap a Valentines gift. If you are giving flowers, try this gorgeous technique that FTD is using for wrapping up a vase of flowers.

To get this look, use a double layered wrapping scarf like these in size small (about 22"x22") and neatly bring up two opposite corners at a time and tie with ribbon. Directions for making your own wraps are on page 80 of The Wrapping Scarf Revolution. Until next time...Happy Wrapping!

2 thoughts on “Get Your Lucky On”

  • Barbara

    Thank you for sharing all this information with us! I feel lucky already, but then each day is a gift and we need to just untie the ribbon. I love the scarf wrapping!

  • Pam

    I've always been drawn to beautiful scarves (& all sorts of fabrics) and always seem to end up with more than I know what to do with. Your ideas for "wrapping" with scarves provide a great reason to continue collecting. Let's see... who's next on my gift list? I know how I will wrap the gift!

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