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Got A Notion To Celebrate?

This book cover shouts Valentine’s Day. Perfectly pretty candies all lined up in a box…just like they were real, just waiting to be gobbled up! These festive faux treats are only a small sampling of the 90 fun holiday and special occasion decoration projects in the new book by designer Melissa Bickle—A Notion to Celebrate.

The super sweet goodies in this book are all fashioned on foam shapes, using pins rather than glue to attach the ribbons, buttons, sequins, and other trims. Imagine how easy it would be to craft cutie cupcakes, treat trees, sherbet bouquets, baby cakes, and even a modern cornucopia or a gingerbread house—all out of ribbon—and you wouldn’t even feel compelled to eat the results! Think about adorning your next shower, birthday, or Mother's Day table with these fresh designs!

What’s the designer’s inspiration? Designer Melissa Bickle is captivated by the 3-D possibilities of crafting with ribbon. “It all started with cupcakes,” Melissa says. “Real ones. I am a passionate baker and one day while making chocolate curl cupcakes for a school bake sale, it occurred to me that the curls looked like ribbon. That evening, my first ribbon cupcake was born.”

Melissa lives in Hood River, Oregon, with her husband and two children. As time allows, she likes to scrapbook, garden, and volunteer at the local dog shelter.

One thought on “Got A Notion To Celebrate?”

  • Mary in AR

    I was the technical editor for this publication. It was so much fun to work on! Melissa definitely has a gift for being able to see wonderful creations by looking at ribbons, pins, and foam balls. I've already collected all the supplies for the Halloween balls and have started on the Candy Box supplies. Can't wait to get started.Mary in AR

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