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Welcome to the Pincushion-of-the-Month Club

All crafty people gotta have pins, needles, and other pointy objects, right? If you’re like me, those little stickers are all over the place, so in the interest of organizing our creativity, I’m instituting the Pincushion-of-the-Month Club. Each month, I hope to share an idea for a new pincushion to add to your collection or to give as a gift to another crafty friend.

For February, I found this really quick and easy design using red fabric and white buttons (just in case you need a last minute Valentine’s present). The base is an old-fashioned fruit jar, canning jar, mason jar…whatever you want to call it, with a lid and band. (I found my vintage jars at a flea market!)

1. Cut a circle of fabric a little bigger than your jar lid.

2. Place a handful of fiberfill on top of the jar lid.

3. Place fabric on top of fiberfill.

4. Slide band down over fabric and lid to hold the fabric in place, and hot glue fabric to bottom of lid.

5. Fill the jar base with buttons, a mini sewing kit, or any other goodie your heart desires and screw on the lid.

6. Done!

This project took like 5 minutes to make—no time! (It took me longer than that to take a photo of it.) And it’s practical as well as pretty. Make one quick and share it with the Leisure Arts Community on Facebook.

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