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Get In The Spirit!

Are you feeling crafty yet? Get in the spirit of National Craft Month with one of these great Leisure Arts guidebooks:

How about beading? To go from coveting the sparklies in the bead aisle at the store to simple stringing, take a look at The Passionate Beader’s Guide, Beading Workshop, or Gooseberry Patch Fun-to-Fashion Jewelry. Perfect for beginners with step-by step instructions, these books even have some great inspiration for advanced jewelry makers!

Contemplating picking up a paintbrush? You might just pick up some new skills from our Art Made Easy series, including Florals & More, Lifestyles, and Painting Nature. This simple art by number system will have you painting in no time.

Have you ever played with polymer clay? Check out I Can’t Believe I’m Sculpting Clay Figures, Beginner’s Guide to Creating with Clay, or I Can’t Believe I’m Creating Millefiore to discover the sculptor hidden inside you.

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