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Happy Official First Day of Spring!

It’s a beautiful first day of Spring Sunday! My daffodils have thought it was Spring for a while now.

The hyacinths just realized it.

The Bradford Pear trees in the Leisure Arts parking lot are just covered in fluffy white blossoms, and…

The amaryllis plants in graphic artist Becca’s office window are in full, incredible bloom!

And that makes me think about bringing nature indoors with florals. How about some cross stitch flowers to brighten up the house after a long winter? Here’s some inspiration:

I love the designs in Hummingbird Quartet by Frankie Buckley because the flowers are gorgeous, and the four projects remind me of the hummingbirds that should be returning soon to the feeders in my backyard.

Barbara Baatz Hillman’s Beautiful Cross Stitch Blooms features a bursting-with-color pillow duo (that could also be framed)—Hydrangea and Peony. These designs remind me that I need to check and see if my hydrangea bush survived the winter and make me wonder if my peonies will come up this year.

If you’d like to add a quick cross stitch floral touch to your home, check out Variegated Floral Borders by Linda Gillum for Kooler Design Studio or Spring Florals for Fingertips by Jane Chandler. With either book, you can enhance lots of different décor items (or clothes) with your favorite flowers.

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