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Lighthearted Cross Stitch

Are you a lighthearted soul that loves a witty and maybe a little sassy view of the world? Then Leisure Arts has got some fun cross stitch designs for you!

Billed as, “Real Cross Stitch for Your Real Life,” Born to Shop’s Life Lessons and More Life Lessons are sure to tickle you. These two books tackle the topics that are near and dear to the hearts of women everywhere with bright designs featuring captions like:

“I don’t suffer from stress, but I am a carrier.”

“There’s nothing better than a good friend except a good friend with chocolate.“

“You can’t control everything. Your hair was put on your head to remind you of that.”

“It’s been Monday all week.”

“Instant human…just add coffee.”

And that’s just a few of them! Each book features 10 lusciously lighthearted designs. What fun!

Smirk…you know you enjoy a little smirky attitude once in a while. Looking for a quick giggle right now? Check out the cute and whimsical, fast-to-finish stick-figure characters that creator, Australian artist Kyla May calls—Smirk. With Just Between Friends (featuring 14 super-quick designs) and Attitudes A to Z (including 52 Smirk figures and 2 alphabets) you’re sure to be able to express your favorite friendly, sweet, or sassy sentiment in no time.

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  • Merrilee

    Hi Everybody!I was experimenting with this entry (which wasn't supposed to post until 3/22), instead of saving as a draft—it published). Ooops!!! I'll add the links to the books as soon as I can. Right this minute, our website is having some maintenance done, so I can't get to them. Sorry for the confusion...Merrilee

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