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New Crochet Books

Have you checked out these new brand new crochet books yet?

Aran Pillows to Crochet

For great textured, home décor additions, you’re going to want Aran Pillows to Crochet by 41-year crochet veteran, Becky Stevens. Featuring 7 timeless, classic designs (most of them created with simple post stitches), this book offers up the opportunity to experiment with some unique stitch patterns like Basketweave, Mock Cable, Snowflake, Lattice, and more.

More Projects from Your Scrap Bag

Most crocheters I know have partial skeins and balls of yarn stashed away for a rainy day ’cause we can’t stand throwing anything away. With Spring comes rain, so you gonna want More Projects from Your Scrap Bag by Sandy Rideout. This sequel to Sandy’s previous Leisure Arts publication, Projects from Your Scrap Bag, provides six more scrap-using patterns, including pillows, a shawl, an afghan, a tote, and a vest.

More 48-Hour Afghans

Afghans are a favorite project for almost every crocheter. Once you get the pattern in your head, some afghans seem to make themselves. More 48-Hour Afghans, the sequel to 48-Hour Afghans, showcases a collection of 12 such designs from industry legends—Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss—The Creative Partners. Just think, with these afghan patterns, you can give a gift or provide comfort for yourself in around 48 hours—even if you just devote one hour a day for 48 days to it! Happy clock watching…

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