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Seriously, Sewing?

I’ve been known to tell folks in the past that sewing machines frighten me…or perhaps should be frightened of me. I have a long, sad history with sewing machines. Remember how I said that my grandmother tried to teach me to quilt? What really happened was that she tried to teach me until I broke her sewing machine—then, she was done. My seventh grade home economics teacher assigned me to make a skirt, but after the third sewing machine paradoxically stopped working, she let me write a paper about food instead. My parents gave me a brand new sewing machine when I was in high school. I inexplicably killed it the first time I plugged it in. After I’d been married to her son for a number of years, my mother-in-law offered me her in-perfect-condition sewing machine housed in a beautiful antique cabinet. “Oh, you can’t hurt it,” she said. It soon came to function as a really pretty end table in my living room—’cause it doesn’t run anymore. And now, x-number of years later, the Love-Of-My-Life has actually paid money and bought me another brand new sewing machine. What was he thinking? I’m terrified…do you think Pat Sloan can save me if I try to learn to sew in honor of National Craft Month?

That’s Pat! You’ve seen her on my blog before.

And that’s her book—I Can’t Believe I’m Sewing, which I’m hoping will keep me from taking the life of yet another sewing machine, plus I’m really coveting those tote bags Pat’s clutching.

In I Can’t Believe I’m Sewing, Pat teaches everything a beginner needs to know about:

• Finding, using, and maintaining a sewing machine
• Buying fabrics, threads, and notions
• All the basics of sewing in a Sewing Primer
• Basic quilting
• Plus 18 really cool baby, gift, and home projects like coasters, a table runner, a scarf, baby blankets, those great totes I previously mentioned, shower curtains, pillows, and more!

I hope I Can’t Believe I’m Sewing helps me overcome my run of sewing machine mishaps ’cause Leisure Arts also has another sewing book I’m really excited about—Mary Engelbreit’s Sew, So Cute!

Along with the aprons and pincushions, potholders and pillows, and more in this book, I want to make my very own chenille Bunny Rabbit in time for Easter. I mean, really, a girl can dream, right?

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