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Take-Along Pocket Guides

Don’t hide your creativity behind closed doors! Take it outside and share it with the world. I mean, really, what better time to show off all your cool skills than National Craft Month? Plus I’ve found a tool to make it easier to take it all with you.

You know…sometimes my brain just doesn’t cough up the information like it used to. For example, invariably, I’ll be crocheting away in the doctor’s waiting room, only to realize that I can’t, for the life of me, remember how to work a treble crochet stitch. I’m just blank, and, consequently, at a standstill until I can get my hands on a book—the big reference book that’s not at the doctor’s office. (Please tell me this happens to you, too, so I don’t feel so old!)

The SOLUTION—Pocket Guides from Leisure Arts. These laminated (just wipe them off if they get grubby), 4-1/2" wide x 8-1/2" high reference guides fit perfectly in a pocket, purse, or project bag, so you can carry them with you everywhere. The handy, accordion-fold guides are filled with stitch diagrams, tips and tricks, basic how-to instructions, and more.

We’ve got pocket guides for Crochet, Crazy Quilt Stitches, Basic Bows, Album Covers, How To Remove Stains (I use this one a lot!), Embroidery, Wonderful Walls with Paint, Faux Finishes, Quilting Basics, Beading, Knitting, Table Skirts & Toppers, and Decorative Painting.

Just think, you’ll never need to feel brainless in public (or even in the privacy of your own recliner) ever again! (Wouldn’t it be nice if the solution really was that simple?)

One thought on “Take-Along Pocket Guides”

  • divacrafter

    Thank goodness I'm not the only crocheter who goes "brain dead" at the most inopportune time! That's why I now carry my Crochet Pocket Guide with me. I also carry it because I've been asked while PCing (Publicly Crocheting) how to do a stitch and I can show them. I also have given a copy to my daughter and my best friend! Great idea Leisure Arts! Thanks

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