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Unnatural Nature Update…What’s Next?

I’ve learned how to react to ice and snow…I simply don’t leave the house…

I’ve dealt with flooding. My family lives out in the middle of nowhere beyond the realms of civilization (my children’s description), and sometimes after torrential rains, the roads flood and driving to work becomes sort of a navigating-the-maze-like challenge.

I’m used to the idea of tornadoes. I grew up very much aware that we lived right in the middle of Arkansas’ tornado alley, so tornadoes are nothing new. I’ve seen tornadoes drop down out of the clouds. The Love-Of-My-Life and I stood in a restaurant parking lot a couple of years ago and watched a tornado jump Interstate 30, hit a car dealership, and keep on going.

But earthquakes!!! Really??? I experienced my first one just last Sunday night. I’m sitting at the dining table, waiting for the dryer to stop, all by myself at 11:00 at night, minding my own business, while the rest of the world slept, when I realized the dining table was vibrating. My chair was vibrating. The mason jars on the table were clinking together…and, first, I questioned my sanity. Then, I thought—unbalanced washing machine, but the washer wasn’t running, and, besides, we don’t have that evil washing machine or even the house it lived in anymore. While all this was going on, it also sounded as if a helicopter was about to land on the roof, and, at that point, all in a matter of seconds, it finally dawned on me—this is an earthquake.

It was a 4.7 earthquake—the largest to hit Arkansas in 35 years.

Here I am at the dining table again. What’s next?

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