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Looking to the Stars

“My star journey began with kaleidoscope quilts,” says designer Rhoda Bennett. “I have a fascination for cutting up fabric and piecing it back together.”

Do you have a fascination? If it’s for stars or any kind of fabric piecing, you’re going to like Looking to the Stars—a new quilt pattern book by Rhoda Bennett. Rhoda brings the radiance of the heavens down to earth with four magnificent star quilts, and she shares how fabric selection, fussy cutting, and English paper piecing can make your stars shine!

Like Rhoda, when you see these projects, you’ll also be “stuck on stars”. Take a look—

Starry Starry Night Quilt (inspired, of course, by Van Gogh’s painting)

Spun Out Wall Hanging (featuring a spinning star block)

Sevillian Star Quilt (reminiscent of Moorish architecture and tiles in Southern Spain, it features a 10-pointed star)

Opulent Star Quilt (with 12-pointed star)

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