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Spring Quilt Market Time!

(I’ve got a guest blogger today! It’s Cheryl Johnson again, and she just got back from the Spring Quilt Market!)

As the Quilt Publication Director, I really enjoy traveling to Spring Quilt Market. I like the spring shows better even than the Fall Market because they're easier, we have more time to see and talk, and they're more my size. Plus, this year it was in beautiful, temperate, convenient Salt Lake City.

After a battle of epic proportions (because I am a terrible flyer more than any other reason. Also, I sometimes exaggerate for effect. This might be one of those times), I made it in on Thursday for Schoolhouse. On the day before the show opens, everyone has an opportunity to attend a really nice collection of short sessions sponsored by exhibitors where they show off the new stuff. At each time, there's a big selection of sessions to choose from. It's fun to change rooms and get a little sneak peek along with good info (all while sitting in a comfy chair).

The very first thing I did when I arrived on Thursday (after dropping my bags and running a brush through my wild hair) was head over to the Salt Palace to catch up to Pat Sloan. She was having a marathon Schoolhouse session with one of ours sandwiched in the middle. Pat talked about how all of her books can be used to support classes and fabric sales in quilt shops. And I learned a very good lesson about how well PowerPoint translates to the screen (which is to say, not like you'd wish sometimes). We had a good time, gave away books (note to self: you still need to put those in the mail).

And then I ate the entire Olive Garden. I was hungry. I don't feel the least bit bad about it either.

Saturday: I zoomed. Literally. I started with a meeting as soon as the door opened and walked out 15 minutes before the doors closed. In between, I talked with people we already work with, people I'd like to work with, and anyone who waylaid me in the aisles.

I paused long enough to visit the Moda booth where Barb and Mary from Me & My Sister Designs were having a book signing for Three Times the Charm. It's always a party when these ladies are around.

I only took a few pictures, intending to take more on Saturday when I had a little more time. And then there was THE INCIDENT wherein my iPhone fell out of my pocket and bounced on the tile floor of the bathroom in the Shilo Inn, never to be seen or heard from again.

Saturday I started with a meeting first thing and then did my best to cover the rest of the show floor. There is no photographic because of the aforementioned Incident.

It was a fun, fast trip!

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