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Free Father’s Day Project

Is Daddy a fisherman? Then I’ve got a fun free Father’s Day project for you—the Fisherman’s Bucket Seat! Decorated with paper fish cutouts, this sporty stool will be quite a catch for your favorite fisherman (yes, I know that’s a little hokey…couldn’t resist). A padded blue jean seat is added to the lid of a large, sturdy plastic bucket to create this handy angler’s seat. Plus, you’ll be giving an eco-friendly gift made with recycled jeans, a plastic bucket, and corrugated cardboard.

Fisherman’s Bucket Seat

You’ll need:

denim jeansFont size
10-gallon plastic bucket with lid
corrugated cardboard
decoupage paper with fish motifs
decoupage glue or thinned craft glue
foam brush
soft cloths
clear acrylic spray
high-loft polyester bonded batting
hot glue gun and glue sticks


1. Cut motifs from paper and arrange on bucket to determine desired placement. Remove motifs.
2. Use foam brush to apply a thin layer of glue to 1 area of bucket. Brush glue lightly until it becomes tacky. Apply motif to glued area; use fingertips or cloth to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles, working from center of motif outward. (Some wrinkles will disappear as glue dries.) Use a damp cloth to gently remove excess glue. If motifs overlap, apply glue over placed motif, then place next motif on bucket. Repeat to apply remaining motifs. After applying all motifs, allow bucket to dry.
3. Apply 2 to 3 coast of clear acrylic spray to bucket to seal.
4. For seat, draw around top of bucket lid once each on cardboard and wrong side of jeans and 4 times on batting. Cut out cardboard and batting circles just inside drawn circles. Cut out jeans circle 4" outside drawn circle.
5. Hot glue 2 batting circles, cardboard circle, then remaining batting circles to center top of lid. Center lid batting side down on wrong side of denim circle. Pulling denim taut and trimming denim to reduce bulk as necessary, hot glue edges of denim circle to inside of lip of lid.

If Dad doesn’t fish, just trade out the fish motifs for ones that that would appeal to him—cars, cowboys, dogs, whatever guy thing melts his butter. Plus, this seat’s just the right height if he’s got little kids to play with. He can carry it out to the yard with him to watch them play, and he’ll be at the perfect level for optimum interaction!

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