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June Pincushion—The Tie One On Pincushion

Remember that necktie lamp post from right around Father’s Day? When you make that lamp shade, partial pieces of necktie are left behind. Well, I just couldn’t let them go to waste, and the result is our Tie One On Pincushion. We’re recycling, being green, and just think what a nice keepsake or gift this pincushion would make if you crafted it from the ties of a husband, father, or son! Plus, I love the idea of a crazy quilt pattern made from silky tie fabric embellished with embroidery stitches.

Here’s the How-To:

Tie One On Pincushion

• gently used neckties
• two 6" x 6" muslin squares for foundations
• embroidery floss and needle
• polyester fiberfill
• button
• embroidery floss

Use ¼" seam allowances throughout.

1. Open center back seam of each tie. Discard any lining fabric. Unfold ties and press.
2. From the ties, rough-cut 8-10 assorted-shaped pieces for the front and 2 large rectangles 6" x 3¼" for the back.
3. With right side facing up, pin 1 assorted-shaped piece (purple dot) to the center of 1 muslin foundation.
4. Matching right sides, angle piece 2 (red paisley) as desired over one edge of piece 1. Stitching through all layers, sew piece 2 to piece 1. Trim seam allowances to ¼". Press piece 2 open. Repeat to add piece 3.

5. Continue to add pieces, until entire foundation is covered; press. Trim edges of pieces even with edges of foundation.
6. Embroider as desired over each seam. Model was stitched using 6 strands of floss for Cross Stitches and Blanket Stitches and 3 strands for Stem Stitches.

7. Sew the 2 large rectangles to the remaining foundation in the same manner as the front.

8. Matching right sides and leaving an opening for turning, sew front and back together; clip corners. Turn, stuff, and sew opening closed.
9. Sewing through all layers and pulling firmly to tuft, use 6 strands of floss to sew button to the center of the pincushion.

A special thank you goes out to the folks that helped me realize my vision of this pincushion (’cause we all know I can’t sew)—Kelly (one of our pattern testers) for actually making it and Jean from our Quilt Dept. for writing the instructions. This is my favorite pincushion so far!

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