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My Purse Project

While I was out shopping yesterday, I got a text message from my oldest daughter, “Mother,” she said, “Your purse is in the trash. Is it supposed to be?”

“Yes, it is,” I replied. I put it there myself as an experiment. I hate to shop for purses and will carry the same bag until it literally disintegrates, so I thought, just maybe, if I throw it away and immediately go to the store for a new one, just maybe, I’d actually come home with a new handbag.

I went to what my girls call “The Purse Store.” I’m not sure what the actual name of this place is, but it has row after row of every color imaginable and every style conceivable purse—except the combination of color and style I want. I need big, preferably green, with lots of pockets. Does that sound difficult? Evidently, green plus pockets isn’t popular right now…

I did come home with a purse. It’s big, yellow, accented with lots of heavy hardware, and somewhat pocket deficient. I can live with it, so I guess the experiment kind of worked, but I’m still working on how to acquire the perfect purse.

Maybe I need to get creative…I could sew my own bag (if I could manage to overcome my peculiar fear of sewing machines). Leisure Arts has some great tote bag sewing pattern books:

I could stitch up a “Green” Grocery Sack from Pat Sloan’s I Can’t Believe I’m Sewing. The designs in this book are geared to novices like me. The great thing about sewing your own bag is that you can play with the pattern to add as many pockets as you want!

Some days, I really feel like I need this Crafty Tote from Kristine Poor’s Sew and Go Totes. It might just be big enough that I wouldn’t need to have a purse, a tote bag, and a cardboard box to get to work…you think?

Youngest daughter would go for this Mini Bag also from Sew and Go Totes. It measures 6.5" x9" x 2.5", and she could get everything she needs to walk out the door in it. Not me…usually, but it might be perfect for trips to auctions and estate sales when I need both my hands.

I could crochet the perfect take-it-all-with-me bag…

Love Drew Emborsky’s Bucket Style Tote from Must Have Handbags. It’s big and green and wonderfully textured! Worked with two strands of yarn, it would be extra sturdy without being lined with fabric.

Melissa Leapman’s 4 Circles Square Tote from Hip 2B Square Totes & Bags would be a great project to work on this summer ’cause granny squares are so portable you can work on them anywhere! Plus, this book features 15 mix-and-match squares that can be combined in any way you can imagine.

Now for a little something different—I really like the unique shape of Lena Maikon’s Sun & Sea Beach Bag from Crochet Totes & Accessories. It also features a practical plastic lining that can be wiped clean of whatever weirdness ends up in your bag (especially if you tend to put everything in your bag like I do).

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