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Take-It-Along Crochet

Crocheters, it’s easy to take your creativity into the world with you! (Yes, June 11 is World Wide Knit in Public Day, and, yes, you can crochet in public on that day, too!) All you need is a skein of yarn, a hook, and a book, and I’ve got some great portable project recommendations for you:

Try a great book like Better Homes and Gardens Crochet On The Go! Along with the usual larger afghan designs (some made from granny squares), it’s filled with a variety of smaller projects that you can work on anywhere—a bookmark, pincushion, facecloths, pillows, baby toys, lots of scarves, a really cute floral headband, and more!

If granny squares are your thing, take them on the road with you. Here’s a cool book to take along—Grannies Gone Wild (if nothing else, the title will catch spectator attention). It features 6 afghans and wraps to crochet, plus, it’s the perfect portable size for sliding into your project bag.

Make hats with a copy of Lisa Gentry’s Celebrity Slouchy Beanies to Crochet! You can add dark glasses, wear your hats yourself, and pretend to be a movie star this summer—or save them up and donate them to charity—there’s always a need for your creativity out there!

You can never have too many dishcloths, so crochet up some more with the 9 patterns in The Crochet Dude’s pattern book—All Washed Up. I love crocheting with cotton yarn, so dishcloths are a favorite project for me, plus I like that I can shove this perfectly-sized book right down in my purse. It’s from our Little Book series, so it fits!

And here’s a little bonus for my readers—comment on this post sometime between now and Monday, June 13, tell me about the last time you crocheted in public, and you might be a winner of a signed copy of The Crochet Dude—Drew Emborsky’s All Washed Up for your very own.

17 thoughts on “Take-It-Along Crochet”

  • cam

    I've never crocheted in public!!! But, I'm going to start.

  • Gretchen

    I crochet on my break at work (or knit, depending on my project at the time), when I'm at the bookstore, and when I'm having my weekly coffee date with one of my girlfriends! I love how portable it is, and people always ask me what I'm working on and share a story or two. Love that!Gretchen @ The Proverbs Thirty-HUH?!

  • Amy_DZ

    I was crocheting at the sprint store while waiting my turn. I had someone befriend me and ask lots of questions. I always have a project with me.

  • Rhonda

    Crochet on the bus to work all the time. It passes time and keep me from getting bored.

  • linda

    I crochet all the time in public. Great conversation starter. A lot of people think they cannot crochet but I taught myself with the help of you tube. Not bad. Have a lot to learn and I love washcloths. I have learned more stitches making these simple cloths. I give all of mine away to friends who visit me.

  • Unique2wh0

    I do. The last time was when I took my grandson to the park to play. I am going camping this weekend and it will come with me while the man does his fly fishing :-)

  • Shirley

    The last time I crocheted in public was while waiting to get my Driver's License renewed this week. I always have either a crochet or knitting project with me when I go out because I don't do lines very well. :)

  • Ladyjanet

    I knit and crochet in public all the time- on the bus, on the train, but my favorite crochet story is when a group of us were on a trip to our favorite LYS, via the Chicago metro, and our crochet dude (not "The" Dude, but our dude) was working on a hat, and was determined to finish before we reached our stop. People were trying to talk to him, and he was 'Can't talk, must crochet faster...' He finished!

  • Dawn

    Until a month ago when I had to cut down on what's in my purse so I could fly to Arizona from Montana for my son's wedding, I took a crochet project with me wherever I went. I would crochet during meetings of our local amateur radio club, the testing I administered the following night, and just anywhere I felt like I wanted a little something to do. I crocheted in the dentist's office, the doctor's office, restaurants, the mall... I've had a couple people ask me what I was making but the only person who has ever asked "What are you knitting?" has been my hubby (even though he knows I can't knit and can only crochet, sometimes he'll refer to it as knitting to get a little rise out of me!) I have my projects in individual totes so I can grab one and go. Each tote has an extra ball (or two) of yarn, the hook, and the pattern/book. It's nice to be able to grab ANY project and pick up where I left off!

  • 70917c9e-443a-11e0-9ea1-000bcdcb2996

    I crochet before a monthly blue grass concert at my church. One month I finished a scarf as the music was starting. I donated the scarf to the church and they raffled it off to raise money for the band that was playing. Made $25.00. Not bad for trying to keep myself occupied waiting for the music to start.

  • tncrogard

    It has been a little while, but I was making cowls for a craft fair while at a community bluegrass music jam! Great music to hook by!

  • Carol

    I crochet in public all the time, at the park, the beach, the dentist's office, even at the skatepark while watching my son, I don't care what anyone else thinks... :)

  • Judy

    I make afghans which get big. I do home-care nursing so have some free time to crochet. Even taught a mother how to get started.

  • BearyAnn

    I crochet in public all the time. Once, however, as I sat in an upper tier I pulled out my project & my hook dropped over the edge to the section below. It clanged down and I never saw it again. Now I hold tighter when I pull a project out.

  • weez59

    I crochet and knit. always looking for new patterns.

  • Blaadyblah

    I crochet in the doctor's waiting room, in A&E, even in the car or on trains. In fact, I'm rarely seen without a hook and yarn in my hands. The dishcloth book looks lovely, and a purse sise print even better!

  • cnuland

    I haven't recently, but I CIP'd a lot last fall during my prenatal doctor visits.

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