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Day 7: Heady Affairs Blog Tour

{Hey Crocheters! We’ve got a guest blogger here on Everyday Life at Leisure for Day 7 of Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby’s Heady Affairs Blog Tour! Welcome Lindsay Glenn, our Leisure Arts Knit and Crochet Director!}

Heady Affairs

We have a little secret here at Leisure Arts about Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby’s book, Heady Affairs. It’s one of our best kept secrets; however, we feel it would be unfair to all Shannon’s fans, and ours, to keep quiet any longer.

It’s about the hats… those Impetuous Hats. It happened a few months ago, when the models first arrived, and Linda Daley started tech editing the patterns. She found she could tech edit them faster! Faster and more successfully than any other project she was working on. “Bizarre,” she thought. Then, it was time for the photo shoot. Somehow, the models were better looking when they were wearing them. Time after time, again and again, everything about those hats… they enhanced the performance of anyone and anything around them! At first we thought it was just the models, but then… then we realized it was any hat made from Heady Affairs!

At first, it was pandemonium. Everyone needed a copy. EVERYONE.

Here our Art Director Rhonda and Stacy, one of our graphic artists, are actually fighting over a copy. I had to break it up. Stacy was trying to bribe her with one of the hats she made. Pathetic.

Now that the word has spread around the building, everyone has one on.

Becky’s busy down in IS. We had to get her dual screens she can work so fast!

Charlie is busy selling them like hot cakes!

He’s even gonna wear one when he goes tailgating to ensure the Hogs will win!! Whoo Pig Soooie.

Our CEO, Rick, he even wears one when pondering big business decisions.

He says they enhance his ability to run our company. I believe him.

Frances, she’s in quilt, she can measure these blocks just by scanning them like this:

It’s crazy to watch!!

Tina, now has the ability to read, type and answer the phone—ALL at ONE TIME!

The graphic artists have really benefited. They can work twice as fast!

This is Kara. She’s even happier?!

She caught me.

Becca’s picking out her next hat to crochet. It’s really hard to choose because they are all sooooo cutie!

Then, it’s back to work…. She’s lightening fast these days.

Linda also found she can crochet on average of 3 times quicker….

but only when she’s making these hats. She’s making this one to put on our server.

And of course, last but not least…

I can blog more creatively…..

We just couldn’t keep it a secret any longer. We’ve been crocheting them like crazy, for family, friends—you name it! We had to share the wealth!

Now, we’re also gonna have a giveaway! To win a copy, simply comment below on what you’ll be able to do with your Heady Affairs Performance-Enhancing hat! The best two will win! Good Luck! If you don’t win, it’s okay. Charlie will be happy to fulfill your order, just stop by our site

10 thoughts on “Day 7: Heady Affairs Blog Tour”

  • Carol

    This'd be sooo great! I'd be able to babysit all these kids, while keepin' the house clean, while I'm crochetin' more and more hats, while bakin' chocolate chunk cookies. You know, I've never been able to do all that!

  • Pat V.

    Oh, this would be great! I'd give it to my daughter to enhance her ability to juggle school, job and boyfriend (he's probably the most demanding of the three.) Perhaps she'll even be able to help me with the housework!

  • Dvora

    I love making hats for friends and these are just toooo great not to share with others. They will make great birthday presents. :) Maybe the one I make for me will help me grade those lab reports even faster. I am also gonna make a plea for pdf puchasing options of booklets. I am happy to pay the same price even, but living out of the country makes it tough to get them and tough to pack. I love digital versions!!!

  • Wendy

    My "Heady Affairs Performance-Enhancing hat" would surely help me to knit and crochet speedily through all of the unfinished 'big' projects I have started, start and finish some more, especially for charity, and family and friends, help me find the right job, clean my apartment, run faster than a train, leap tall buildings in a single bound, stop a speeding bullet, generate world peace, while keeping up with the blog tour!!! Phew! Then, sit back, relax and smile! And crochet some more... :)

  • Nancy

    Oh, how I need one of these Heady Affairs Performance Enhancing hats!! I have an order right now for a custom designed king sized bed afghan. I could do it while simultaneously starting the blog I keep meaning to get to and making enough items to finally open my Etsy storefront. All this while still keeping the house clean, chasing grandbabies, and taking some time for myself!

  • n7lqk

    I would give it to one of the people in the nursing home I support.

  • cnuland

    I could work twice as fast and get home to my little girl sooner. Looks like a great book - thanks for the chance to win!

  • Debbie

    I could crochet and knit at double speed!

  • jackie-tn

    Make lots of great hats for pressies!

  • CupcakeCatie

    I would use it to finally make everybody a hand made present this year! :) In fact, these hats would be wonderful Christmas gifts!

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