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Recent Auction Loot!

My collections are growing. I got so much good stuff at the auction this weekend, I just had to show off my new treasures—an (allegedly) 1930s snack set with plate, cup, and glass; a Pyrex casserole in an Oak Leaf & Acorn pattern (perfect for Fall food); a green depression glass Princess pattern cake plate (the auctioneer now thinks I’m supposed to bring him a cake at Christmas time); a couple of sets of salt & pepper shakers; some marbles; and that wood and metal thing there in the middle of the picture…

Does anybody out there have any idea what this thing is? I really like to know ’cause I’m now the proud owner of two of them…

I also came home with some other wood and metal goodies—license plates, a stamp set, an assortment of rulers, a temperature gauge, an aluminum serving tray, and some earrings. Not sure what my plan is for most of this stuff…but those earrings…

Thinking I might disassemble those earrings and combine them with a chain I found at an estate sale plus some other odds an ends and turn them into a necklace. For inspiration, I may need to consult with the experts…

I’m so spoiled working for Leisure Arts ’cause I can get my hands on great resource books like Beading Workshop and The Passionate Beader’s Guide without ever leaving my office!

3 thoughts on “Recent Auction Loot!”

  • GerryART

    Makes a gal want to attend/participate in a few auctions.I'd love to know what that 'item' is used for. Looks like a spindle/holder for some 'thread' for the sewing room or used for yarn in some way.I'm curious.hugs

  • Cindy Rippe

    Looks like it would be used for string in the local grocery store. Back in the day when they tied your packages with string or as in the case of our current bakery in town.

  • Wendy

    The wood and metal thing looks like it could be what is called a "Lazy Kate" that holds yarn (or even maybe thread?) spools/bobbins. Not sure though, you could take it to an antique shop and see if anyone there knows.Those earrings are cool and so unique, I would get those checked out/appraised, too, for real value before taking apart. They might be of more value kept as they are!

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