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Sewing: Purses, Bags, Totes, & More

I’ve said it before, and I guess I might as well own up to it again and again—I’m kind of a bag lady…I love purses, bags, and totes, and I carry them everywhere with me. In fact, I often get confused about which bag I’m clutching at any given time. (The folks at my pharmacy don’t even look at me funny any more when I dig in the bag on my shoulder and then tell them that I have to go back out to the car ’cause the purse with money in it is out there while on my arm I have the tote containing my lunch leftovers, a crochet project, two books I’m reading, and a camera.)

But I never get confused about my goal of acquiring new purses, bags, and totes. In fact, my real reason for wanting to learn to sew is so that I can make my own. Look at what Leisure Arts is tempting me with:

In addition to nine other fresh and fun fashion accessories, Erin Gilday’s Stripped Down Patchwork offers up the Seminole patchwork inspired bags—

Saturday Night Handbag

Farmer’s Market Bag

Clarissa Knapsack

It’s hard for me to pick favorites from the nine quilted projects in Sew and Go Totes by Kristine Poor, but right this minute, I’m coveting—

Shoulder Bag (The adjustable strap would let me put it around my neck for hands free estate sale shopping.)

Bongo Bag (The four-patch design is fun, and the bag’s big enough for the whole family to stuff with stuff.)

Weekender Duffle Bag (If the Bongo Bag isn’t big enough, this one surely will be.)

The Best of Sew Simple Magazine is rapidly becoming one of my favorite books ever! I just keep discovering projects that I love. I mean, look at the Big Summer Bag on the cover plus these great designs—

Reusable Grocery Bag

Reversible Purse

Messenger Bag

Hawaiian Beach Tote

I’m intrigued by the possibilities of Bohemian Bag in Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Sewing.

On top of being a cool sewing project, this design uses oil paint sticks to embellish the fabric yourself!

Better Homes and Gardens 1-2-3 Sew shares a fab go-everywhere Grab Bag.

Created from a variety of fun prints and colors, it even has pockets! (It’s hard to find a good tote bag with pockets!)

I’ve babbled about the wonders of Pat Sloan’s I Can’t Believe I’m Sewing before…

…but have I mentioned her Grocery Sacks?

And last, but not least, how wonderful would it be to sew your own matching Weekend Getaway Travel Set? Handsome Handbags & Creative Carry—Alls offers just such an opportunity!

The sophisticated set includes a garment bag, a cosmetic bag, and a spacious carry-all. Just pick fabrics that suit your style, and you’re good to go!

Have I tempted you into bag lady land yet?

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