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Accidental Quilt Collecting

I’ve always loved quilts—especially handmade vs. store bought ones, and the older (more broken in) the better. Even as a little kid, my mother said I would drag a little quilt around with me (kinda like Linus???). Here’s that very quilt—

I’m not going to tell you how old it is, but the ladies in my mother’s home extension club made it for her when she was expecting me. (Hush, Leisure Arts Ladies…I know you know how old I am.) Do Ladies Home Extension Clubs even still exist?

And, now, however many years later, I still haven’t broken myself of the habit of dragging quilts around with me. In fact, with no real intent or plan on my part, I seem to accidentally have a quilt collection. (The Love-Of-My-Life has quietly requested that I cease adding to my collection ’cause we’re running out of room for it!)

Here’s just a peek at the appliquéd Sunbonnet Sue quilt I found years ago in my mother’s closet. It’s so ragged from repeated washings…

This is the first quilt I ever bought—a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. I just love the different colors and fabrics and admire all the work that must have gone into sewing all those little pieces together.

I wish I could take a good enough picture so you could see the little tiny monkeys riding orange elephants on these petals!

Then I had to have this Trip Around the World quilt. I bought it at an estate sale, but I don’t think it’s old. It’s the quilt I sleep under every night. (I’ve also heard the Trip Around the World pattern called Sunshine and Shadows because the fabrics change from light to dark and back again signifying the good and bad, the ups and downs, in life.)

Next was a Wedding Ring Quilt. Once again I fell for all the multicolored old fabrics, and you’ve got to be impressed by the talented quilter who could tackle curved quilting so beautifully. Plus who can resist the symbolism of the Wedding Ring pattern?

This is what I call my Bow Tie quilt. I don’t have a clue what the real name of the pattern is (anybody?). I just liked the shapes and old fabrics.

My appliquéd Heart quilt—this is the quilt that lives on my chair in the den and gets used on a daily basis. (The Love-Of-My-Life tries to freeze me to death summer and winter.) My dear mother-in-law made this quilt for me and admonished me not to save it but to use it!

And last but not least, the quilt I’m trying desperately to save—a Crazy quilt. Old, tattered, moth eaten, and in need of help, it’s still very, very cool. You won’t find the silks, satins, or velvets in this quilt that you often see in most of the Crazy variety. Instead, it’s made from basic sturdy cottony fabrics—but the embroidery that you want in traditional Crazy quilts is definitely here. Check out some close ups—

a four-leaf clover…


a wishbone…

and there are lots of flowers!

I’d love to find a way to display this quilt where no more harm could come to it. Any suggestions?

Hope you enjoyed my quilts. I have more…but these are my favs! Do you have a favorite quilt? Share a photo with us on Facebook!

One thought on “Accidental Quilt Collecting”

  • Maggi

    What a neato collection! I wish I could help you with displaying the crazy quilt without further damage but I'm a total quilting noob. lol The embroidery on it is awesome!

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