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Crocheting Hats—Update!

Just thought I’d touch base with you on my charity hat crocheting progress. I finished the little green hat I was making from a pattern in Teach a Group of Kids to Crochet. Yes, it really was super easy! (Perfect for mindless crocheting wherever you get stuck with time on your hands.)

Well, I was finished. Then, I felt compelled to crochet a flower to go on it…

Now, I’m done! Think a little girl might get a kick out of it?

I’ve also picked the yarn and pattern for my next crocheted hat. I pulled some unlabeled burgundyish medium weight yarn out of my stash and grabbed a copy of Lisa Gentry’s Celebrity Slouchy Beanies to Crochet.

I’ve made it to Round 7 on Lisa’s Eco Green hat. (No, I don’t currently have any good green yarn in my stash. Must go shopping!) This design is a little more challenging, but, so far, all is going well. I think I like V-Sts!

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