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Hat Crocheting Continues…

Hope you’re having a grand Sunday! I’m still crocheting hats for charity. Remember the little hat kits I put together for myself from a pattern in Kay Meadors’ Teach a Group of Kids to Crochet so I could crochet brainlessly anywhere?

I finished all but one of them! These starter kits were one of the best ideas I’ve had in awhile—perfect for picking up and putting down!

This is the one I haven’t finished—’cause I’ve put it somewhere safe…somewhere I could find it when I wanted it…but now I can’t remember just where that is…

So instead, I’m using purple yarn (I think it’s Lion Brand Vanna) and working on a hat from The Crochet Dude Drew Emborsky’s great little book—In All Caps. (I love the size of this book. It fits right in my take-it-with-me bag!)

I’m crocheting Drew’s Cabled Tam which features Back Post and Front Post Double Crochets plus, obviously, Cables. It’s rated Easy and worked in the round. I’m having to pay attention to what I’m doing, so it’s not a TV watching pattern, but rather a—the family’s still asleep, weekend kind of project. Perfect for today! I like what I’ve accomplished so far!

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