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Fall Quilt Market 2011 & LA Designers

{We’ve got a guest blogger here today on Everyday Life at Leisure! Cheryl Johnson, our Quilt Publication Director, just got back from Quilt Market!}

Traveling to Quilt Market is one of the more exciting parts of being the Quilt Publication Director at Leisure Arts. There's a lot to enjoy: fabric, thread, new notions, fabric, patterns, magazines, books, fabric, food, ribbon, machines, tables, fabric, tools, and I can't forget FABRIC. I roamed aisles for two days, meeting new designers and catching up with the ones I already love. I did manage also to cram in a sprinting tour of the quilt exhibits, so if you'd like to see more of the show, meet me over at Living in a Material World this week.

First, I have to introduce you to Barbara Cherniwchan of Coach House Quilts (shown in the photo above with Marcie, left. This is me waving although they can't see me because I'm standing SO FAR AWAY! Note to self: step closer please.)

She's showing the upcoming Leisure Arts book—Room by Room Quilts. When I brought out the camera, there was an attempted scatter, but aren't you glad I talked them back into the photo? Here's a sneak peek at the cover for Room by Room. You're gonna love it, I'm pretty sure.

Next up is Poorhouse Quilt Designs, home of Kristine Poor. I love to see her and her mother at every show. I don't know why, but I feel like they might be long lost family (and not just because we have the same last name in common...Kristine was a Johnson before she was a Poor, unlike me. I have managed to be both a Johnson and poor Kristine has two books with us: Sew and Go Totes and Ready, Set, Go! Once again, when I brought the camera out, the people scattered. People will do that. And that's too bad. Now you can't see the bedazzled cat ears and witch's hat they were wearing. I edged out of the booth as a huge crowd entered. We talked a bit about our next project so be looking for more sewing!
Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs are fun, fun, and more fun, just as you'd expect from their quilt and fabric designs. They had a busy booth, so I snapped this pic and continued my sprint across the show floor. Their book featuring charm pack quilts, Three Times a Charm, is the latest, plus they have two baby quilt titles, Crazy for Baby and Still Crazy for Baby. You can also add some Me and My Sister fun to your life with Fun Quilts. They live in Moda-fabricland, a lovely place.
The Cottage at Cardiff Farms is a beautiful place. I know this because Kathy Cardiff sent along some photos of her home to be shown in her upcoming Leisure Arts book The Cottage at Cardiff Farms Quilts. And this book has some seriously nice quilts and really fabulous photos.
I'd say that about most of our books, but it isn't every day when I manage to get a dog on a cover. We sometimes have dogs in photography. They don't often become cover models. I'll be a fan for life of this book! Here's a peek at the cover.

And speaking of bee-you-ti-ful quilts, here's Nancy Rink. I first found Nancy while perusing a stack of quilt magazines. I saw one I liked and made note of the designer. Then I moved to another and found another one I loved by the same designer...and this is how it goes: love one quilt, hit the website to see if she has any more, and in the case of Nancy Rink, she has bunches and bunches of really nice quilts. This makes me happy!
We currently have two books scheduled, and the first one has one of the coolest covers I remember. No, there's no dog, but it's very, very stylish. Here's a peek at City Blocks.
And...I didn't get into the swing of the photos until it was nearly too late. I can think of at least three designers I didn't get: Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs, who has a book scheduled—but it's too new to even know the title of yet, Gudrun Erla of GE Designs who has a really neat book coming in the spring called Just Your Style, and my favorite quilting friend of all time, Pat Sloan. Happily, Pat took care of me and took a photo of them both and posted it on her blog. Click here to see Pat and Jen, and click here to see Pat and Gudrun.

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