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The Deco Mesh Trend for Christmas

{Leisure Arts in-house designer Anne is our guest blogger today on Everyday Life at Leisure! She’s seeing Deco Mesh everywhere and wanted to share!}

Deco Mesh

Maybe you don’t know what it’s called, but I am almost sure you have seen it used. Deco Mesh! It is one of those products that started showing up in Christmas decorations about fifteen or so years ago. However, it still continues to gain in popularity. A craft company that Leisure Arts works with said it steadily grows in sales year after year. Amazing. We keep wondering when we will see the Deco Mesh trend fade…not this year! It seems to be hitting the peak of its glory. It has transitioned into other seasonal use such as Halloween and Easter décor, too. It is also being used for wedding and shower decorations. Deco Mesh is now available in a rainbow of colors and has started being shown in plaids and stripes as well. Deco Mesh is offered retail starting at about $15.00 a roll; it goes up in price depending on where you buy it, and if it has glitter or pattern.

Let’s face it; you get a lot of bang for your buck. You can create a very full wreath with one roll of mesh, without anything else added. Or add it to last year’s wreath to fill and update it for this year.

This is a tree found in my neighborhood. The homeowner has used Deco Mesh to fill the tree without the huge expense of multiple ornaments.

This is a mailbox welcoming you with Deco Mesh. The mesh is used here as the background to build the arrangement. The larger scale ornaments are then added in clusters to the mesh base. The arrangement is crowned with a blend of both mesh and balls at the top of the mailbox. Nicely done.

Another mailbox coordinates with a gorgeous entry arrangement. These two are very well done. The scale is kept consistent with ornaments, fullness of mesh loops, and sizeable door entry. To me, this is a great example of use and scale.

It seems that with the mesh, scale is so important. It literally can swallow up a door and entrance in an over use of the product. The same, though, goes for wreaths, mantles, and trees. So as you wrap, fluff, and loop your mesh this season…remember, a little goes a long way.

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