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I Can’t Believe I’m Fair Isle Knitting

Here I go again…I don’t knit, but I guess I’m going to have to learn ’cause now I wanna learn how to knit all 6 of the projects in the I Can’t Believe I’m Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila G. Joynes!

This book, like all of the others in our best-selling I Can’t Believe series, offers up everything you need to know—in this case, about Fair Isle knitting. As a special feature, you can even personalize the color keys, making it easy to use the yarn colors of your choice! Some of the designs are even photographed in two color versions for inspiration…check them out:

Garden Cowl

Columbia River Ear Flap Hat

Autumn Beanie

Little Sophia’s Hat

Ginger’s Slouch Hat

Cranberry Rose Hat

Meet The Designer!

Sheila G. Joynes says, “Friends and family describe my relationship to Fair Isle knitting as ‘She paints with yarn.’” Sheila’s knitting journey began when she was a teenager, but she was fascinated by color long before then. She says, “As a small child, I would spend hours studying a book of my grandmother’s called World Famous Paintings. Years later, I graduated from the University of Washington with an Art Education degree. It provided me with an opportunity to focus on my love of color and fiber. Watercolor, fiber art, and photography were my favorite classes. I incorporated art in most of my lesson plans as a teacher and a volunteer.”

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