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My Junk Collection—An Update

Happy Saturday! Things have been slow in my auction/estate sale world lately, so I haven’t had much to share…Take a peek at the newest treasures I’ve accumulated since Christmas:

- a milk glass soda-shaped Fire-King mug from the 70s
- 3 pins/brooches
- a Pyrex Butterprint pattern refrigerator dish

- 2 cast iron banks—lion & bulldog
- a 1938 copy of Gone With The Wind
- and a set of milk glass sailboat salt & pepper shakers

Cast iron banks seem to be my newest fascination…

I’m also pretty happy about the jewelry! Two of the pieces are sterling silver, and the third’s just pretty!

Going to another auction on Sunday afternoon! Wish me luck! Are you having any luck adding to your collections now that the holidays are over?

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