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The Craft Exchange

{We’ve got a guest blogger today! Right before Christmas, Leisure Arts in-house designer Anne attended a craft exchange with a group of her friends. What a great idea for any time of the year! And now she's agreed to share her experience with us!}

Anne says:

I am blessed to have a group of friends that shares my love of crafting. One thing that makes the group so special is that they appreciate the time and materials that go into making a gift. We like to get together, and for Christmas, we decided to have a craft exchange. So the idea was to make a craft to share with the others in the group. You’ve probably heard of cookie exchanges. Well, same thinking, but with a craft instead of cookies.

Right now, I am really having fun with pincushions, so I started looking through my stash. If you are a true crafter, you know the stash I am talking about, the one that catches all kinds of things that you want to do something with some day. I came upon some crocheted squares that my Grandmother Barber had started putting together years ago. I thought that these would be perfect! Add a little felt for the back, stuff with a bit of poly-fil, blanket stitch around the outside, and you've got a pincushion!

So I began. Measure, cut out felt.

Start to pin. OMG. They aren’t square. Block.

Pin again.

Try out floss and buttons. Stitch.

Not quite right. Add a yoyo, and then button.

Yeah! They are finished. They are fun. I know this group will love the fact that the squares were my grandmother’s. They also need to know that the buttons are from my other grandmother, Nana’s stash. It’s worth giving up these special pieces from my grandmothers’ things to these girls. They have special grandmother’s pieces, too.

And look at the treasures I came home from the pincushion exchange with!

First, from Lori, Ms. Detail Lori.

Next Linda, always the extra, a sewn felt gift bag too. She is kind of our crafting mentor.

Then Kim, she is not so into pincushions right now…her thing is embroidery hoops.

Kelly…with scissors. Kelly is having fun with quilt projects and wanted to try out this square. We were all glad she did.

Tonya has twins and is as busy as she can be. Her “tradition” has been to share music. So she made a CD of Xmas music for all of us with a cone of sweets.

And Becky. The instructions for her design might show up in another blog post sometime soon!

Try a craft exchange for your next get together with friends. Hope you have as much fun as we did!

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