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Spring Fashions: Knit & Crochet Vests

It usually doesn’t start feeling like spring in Arkansas until at least the middle of March, but…since the flowers and the trees, and the birds and the temperatures all seem to indicate that spring has decided to come early this year, I’m already behind on restocking my warmer weather wardrobe. Consequently, I’m shopping the Leisure Arts knit & crochet pattern books for vest patterns that I like. Wanna help me pick?

I found a whole book of Fresh Vests to Knit by Edie Eckman:

Really like this Casual Charm Vest…

Or Edie’s Lighthearted Vest…

Or her Something Special Vest (It’s green; of course, I like it!).

The I came across this Casual Vest to knit from Melissa Leapman’s Cardigan’s with a Conscience. (The photo model was made with Bernat Cot’n Corn Solid yarn—67% cotton & 33% corn. I kind of like the idea of a vest made of corn!)

But since I can’t actually knit, (and nobody at Leisure Arts seems to be picking up on my hints), I must turn to our huge selection of crochet fashion pattern books:

One of my favs is this Scallop-Edge Vest from Lisa Gentry’s Unforgettable Crochet. (I meant to make this vest when the book was first released. I even bought the yarn, but I got side-tracked…maybe, it’s time to try again!)

This A-Line Vest is from Curvy Crochet by Marlaina Bird & Jill Wright. (I like the button tabs and the lacy inset in the back!)

Loving the simple lines of Shibaguyz Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby’s Red Rock Vest from And That’s a Wrap!

Lisa Gentry’s The Crochet Closet calls this design, a “Nice Striped Vest.” (And that’s the perfect description of it. The yarn colors really give it a great springy look, too!)

The Crochet Dude Drew Emborsky’s Investing vest design from Crochet It. Love It Wear It! gets my attention because of the its faux lapels that are created with diagonally slanted cables.

Once more, the color green catches my eye with this Sweet Basil Vest from CrochetWear by Anne Regis. (The deep armholes make it great for layering which is vital while experiencing the changing Arkansas temperatures. Plus, I probably need a Humphrey Bogart fedora to wear with it!)

And, then there’s Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby’s newest crochet pattern book—Urban Edge! This book is just filled with go-to designs:

Amsterdam Vest (This design has great classic lines!)

Buenos Aires Maxi Vest (Love the duster length of this vest! Course, now I want a cowboy hat!)

Okay! So what do you think? Which one should I make first? Which ones would you add to your wardrobe?

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