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Susan Travels to the Texas Art Asylum

I’m traveling vicariously again…and this time I’m really jealous! I want to go to the Texas Art Asylum! They sell “cool stuff for creative reuse,” and our Leisure Arts VP of Editorial, Susan, was lucky enough to go there during a recent trip to Houston, Texas.

Owners, Jennifer & Ramona, describe The Texas Art Asylum as…

“Part craft store, part thrift store, part salvage yard, and part antique store, our inventory is collected from businesses, institution, and individuals who recognize that their materials are suitable for reuse, repurposing, or upcycling. In the right creative hands, many materials can live second or third useful lives. We offer these items for sale to artists, educators and crafters in search of high quality reclaimed materials. Our ever-changing inventory inspires creative reuse!”

This really looks like my kind of place! Let’s take a little pictorial tour…

First, just take it all in…

Look at all that cool stuff…

Where should I start?!!

Of course, you can find the great basics that any good recycle shop should have…






Brushes & Button Hooks

You’ll also find Yarn & Fabric


And Frames


And Fun Foam

But…mixed in with all those goodies…There are also…



Body Parts

And Eyeballs

Plus a marvelous display of LittleBitties…(I love tiny treasures!)

Wanna take a class?

If you ever get to Houston, check the Classes at the Texas Art Asylum! How about—Learn to Make Sugar Skulls?

In the meantime, take a look at the ReArt Gallery on their website at! Very cool!

And before our tour is over, look who Susan ran into during her visit—It’s The Crochet Dude—designer Drew Emborsky with Ramona, one of the owners! Just imagine all that good stuff to get creative with and The Crochet Dude all in one place at the same time!

Don’t you wanna go, too?

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