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10 Bead Stringing Techniques

I bought a string of pearls at an auction the other day. Don’t know if they’re real or not, but they do need to be restrung (is that a word?) before I can wear them without worrying about the string breaking, so I’ve been researching bead stringing techniques:

1. Use the largest size stringing material that fits inside the hole of the smallest bead in your project. The added strength will help retard wear and fraying.

2. Leave a little space between the beads in your design for less wear on your stringing material.

3. Give the beads you’re working with a critical once over before you begin stringing to check for rough edges that might cause your stringing material to wear or fray.

4. Try leaving the string attached to the spool when stringing your beads for a quick bracelet (or when you’re working on a design while riding in the car). You won’t have to worry about your beads falling off the unsecured end.

5. For a simple bead stopper to put on the end of your string while you slide on the beads, just wrap the end with tape or tape that end to your work surface.

6. Having a little trouble getting the string through a bead? Try a bead reamer to enlarge, straighten, or complete the hole in the bead.

7. Nobody likes it when the string breaks and beads go rolling in every direction. Use the best stringing material you can for your project. Never use fishing line, dental floss, or plain sewing thread if you want to create a professional looking design that wears well.

8. Needle threading woes? Color the tip of your thread with a permanent marker. Let it dry and thread your needle. The ink stiffens your thread and helps it slide through the eye of the needle.

9. When cutting your stringing wire, observe the proper safety measures. Point your pliers away and down from you. For extra security, wear safety glasses. It is important to protect yourself from bits of wire that might be flying around.

10. Need some bead stringing inspiration to get you started? Make yourself some “bead soup.” That’s just a collection of leftover beads from previous projects all mixed together. Take out a handful, team the beads up with your favorite stringing material, and challenge yourself to create something wonderful.

Bonus Tip: The best thing a beginning beader can do is invest in a good how-to or guide book. Try The Passionate Beader’s Guide from the editors of BeadUnique magazine!

Hope these bead stringing techniques help you achieve the beaded designs you’re dreaming of!

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