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After 25 Years, Carol Mulach Retires from Leisure Arts!

Yesterday, we threw a party at Leisure Arts! A sad and glad party all rolled into one because it was a retirement party for our beloved, always smiling, “I’ll get it done!”—Carol Mulach!
Carol started at Leisure Arts in February 1987 in the Consumer Service Subscription Department. In May, she moved to the sales department working for Rich Tignor—and, eventually, she simply took over running the place! Any operational day to day office situation that came up, Carol has been the go-to gal. If something needed arranging, Carol has been the right woman for the job. She arranged breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, company parties, put together travel arrangements for people going out and people coming in, right along with everything else, from ordering floral arrangements to stocking the office supplies. Carol also became the “Voice of Leisure Arts”—if you ever called Leisure Arts during the holidays or inclement weather, it was Carol’s voice you heard in those recorded phone announcements!
The retirement extravaganza kicked off with Carol’s choir group—the Sweet Adelines, singing her down the elevator…
Carol, a bit teary-eyed, joined in to sing along.
And we indulged in a Mexican potluck!
Carol opened going-away gifts and told stories…
While we ate some more!
And then we ate a little more!
We all wish Carol well as she ends and begins her “Life of Leisure.” She’ll be missed by one and all!

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