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Cupcakes for Mother’s Day

I’ve been hinting around to my kids that I’d really like to have cupcakes for Mother’s Day. I suspect I’m being ignored even though I’ve gone so far as to conveniently leave my copy of our Leisure Arts cookbook—Celebrating Cupcakes & Muffins right in the middle of the dining table for the past week…
Seriously, who could resist this cupcakie goodness???
Real Flower Cupcakes
Fresh flowers are used to mark many special occasions. Why not use them to decorate cupcakes, too? (Just make sure to use edible flowers that were grown without pesticides.)
Bananas About You!
This simple cupcake is sure to be a favorite. For pizzazz, use multi-colored silicone cupcake liners!
Country Wedding Cupcakes
These pretty cupcakes make a lovely and light dessert, perfect for capping off a big festive meal. You could make several batches for serving at an engagement party, anniversary party, or a wedding.
Strawberry Cheesecakes
Delight the guests at your next affair by serving them their very own cheesecakes, topped with a strawberry (or blueberries or raspberries…)!
Little Lemon Meringues
Treat your guests to individual lemon meringue pies with this delicious recipe! Perfect for afternoon tea, Sunday brunch, or a grand finale dessert.
White Rose Cupcakes
When piping the frosting on this cupcake, you start in the center and work your way outward so that it looks like a rose.
Garden of Flowers Cupcakes
These pretty cupcakes are easy to make if you use prepared sugar flowers!
Cocoa Nutty Mountain Cupcakes
Love chocolate? These cupcakes feature a chocolate base, smooth chocolatey center, creamy chocolate frosting, and chocolate-coated almond topping.
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
These soft-serve style ice cream cone cupcakes are made by inverting baked cupcakes on top of flat-bottomed ice cream cones.
Birthday Cake Cupcakes
Stack these cupcakes in a tower to make a playful, easy-to-serve birthday or any day cake!
Since cupcakes are so perfect for any occasion, I think they’d be especially perfect served to me this Mother’s Day! If you’re inspired to make cupcakes for your mom, get your copy of our Celebrating Cupcakes & Muffins right now! It’s available as a pdf download, so you can start baking right away!
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