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Free May Flowers Pincushion Pattern

So April showers bring May flowers, huh? Well, nothing’s blooming in my yard right now, but maybe this little free May Flowers Pincushion Pattern can bring a little floral fun into my life and yours. (And wouldn’t it make a sweet, last minute Mother’s Day present?)

May Flowers Pincushion
Here’s what you need:
• floral-print flour sack fabric
• 3-1/4" diameter wooden embroidery hoop
• embroidery floss & needle
• glue
• fiberfill
• 3-1/4" diameter canning jar lid
• felt
• 10" length of pom-pom trim
1. Cut an approximately 7" square of flour sack fabric and insert it in the embroidery hoop.
2. Using 2 or 3 strands of embroidery floss, embellish the fabric details with stem stitches and French knots as desired.
3. Trim excess fabric and glue to underside of embroidery hoop. 
4. Stuff with fiberfill.
5. To create base pattern, use canning jar lid to draw a circle on paper. Add petal shapes to edge of circle. Use pattern to cut base from felt.
6. Glue pom-pom trim to base.
7. Glue canning jar lid to base.
8. Glue underside of embroidery hoop to canning jar lid.
Hope you have a fabulous Saturday and a happy Mother’s Day on Sunday! Enjoy our free May Flowers Pincushion Pattern. (A special thanks goes out to one of my favorite designers, Anne Stocks, for sharing this pretty design with us!)
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