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Breast Cancer & Knitting for a Cure

Hello knitters! You’re such kind and loving folks that I’m sure that doing things for others is an important part of your life! Many of you out there are already knitting for your favorite charity! One cause that’s important to most of us is the fight against breast cancer, and I’m proud to say that Leisure Arts has just released the perfect knit pattern book to support that cause—Knitting for a Cure by designer Kay Meadors!

Check out the details about this inspirational knit for charity book:

Knowing the power of encouragement, Kay Meadors has created the 18 designs in Knitting for a Cure to knit and share with loved ones who are fighting breast cancer. Kay says, “The journey of Knitting for a Cure began a long time ago, when Denise Bell and I came up with the Traveling Shawl, a single project created by 50 different knitters. Its pattern and the story of its journey are right here in this book that I am so pleased to share with you, because this is one of my favorite kinds of knitting—knitting with the heart.” All in pink and with many bearing images of the breast cancer charity awareness ribbon, additional projects include scarves, a hat, a headband, fingerless gloves, a lap throw, teapot cozy, hot water bottle cover, pillow, and more.

Take a look at the 18 inspiring knit for charity designs that Kay has included in this book!

Traveling Shawl
Beaded Traveling Shawl
Traveling Scarf

Entrelac Shawl (in two colors)
Crescent Shawl
Headband & Fingerless Gloves
Stocking Cap
Face Cloth
Card Insert
Entrelac Pillow
Hot Water Bottle Cover
Lap Throw
Mug Cozy
Sachet or Soap Cover
Teapot Cozy

Meet the Designer: Kay Meadors!
Kay Meadors is the author and designer of numerous Leisure Arts knit and crochet books, including I Can’t Believe I'm Lace Knitting. She also has written about how to teach a group of kids to knit and crochet and designed numerous collections of afghans, ponchos, christening sets, kid’s caps, and other creations. Early in her career, Kay was a Leisure Arts knit and crochet instruction writer. To learn more about Kay and her passion for knitting, spinning, weaving, and quilting, visit her blog at and check out all of her Leisure Arts publications on

Join Kay Meadors and help make a difference! Do your part in charity knitting for a cure! Get a copy of Knitting for a Cure today and start those needles flying to provide comfort to folks fighting breast cancer! 

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