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Happy Father’s Day & Last Minute Card Making!

Hope you’re all having a fabulous Father’s Day! The Daddy at our house is still asleep, and The Cat and I are trying to decide on a last minute handmade card design to make for him. I’ve pulled out one of my favorite paper craft source books—The Best of Stamp It! Cards for inspiration…
Which one would you make?

Gears for Dad & Daddy’s Little Monkey

Special Dad & Father’s Day Tree

You Rock! & I Heart My Dad

With Gratitude & Howdy Daddy

Keep Your Chin Up & Tie Rack

Making a Difference & Super Dad

I’m leaning toward You Rock! ’cause The-Love-Of-My-Life plays guitar, but I’m also really liking Howdy Daddy just for the fun shape…
Guess I’d better get started paper crafting before he wakes up. Then I’ve got cooking to do ’cause he’s all about home cooking on special days. (I think he’s getting chicken and dumplings for supper this year, but first I’ve got to figure out breakfast...What do you feed a man who’s allergic to eggs?)
Wishing you and yours a special Father’s Day, too!
(Oh, and if you like these cards as much as I do, get yourself a copy of The Best of Stamp It! Cards, so you can wait till the last minute for card making—just like me!
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