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Loom Knitting!

While the Love-Of-My-Life watched John Wayne movies on Father’s Day, I learned something new! I tried my hand at loom knitting…After struggling with traditional 2-needle knitting and failing, loom knitting was just SO EASY! Played with my first project off and on Sunday afternoon, and now, I’m almost finished with my first loom knitted baby hat! I’m making the Beginner Knit Hat from Kathy Norris’ I Can’t Believe I’m Loom Knitting:

 I Can't Believe I'm Loom Knitting

Have you discovered the hot tool that makes knitting easier than ever before—without knitting needles? It's a knitting loom (also known as a knitting wheel), and using one is as simple as wrapping yarn around the pegs and lifting the yarn loops with a pick-like tool. This how-to book by designer Kathy Norris features lear photos and instructions, so it’s a breeze to learn everything you need to know. The 18 projects in I Can't Believe I'm Loom Knitting include Beginner Knit Hat, Next-Step E-Wrap Knit Hat, Garter Stitch Brim Hat, Sampler Afghan, Corn on the Cob Hat & Scarf, Honeycomb Hat & Scarf, Felted Basketweave Tote, Hooded Vest, Lattice Pillow, Bejeweled Fingerless Gloves, Robin's Hood, Garter Wedges Baby Blanket, Ridged Lace Hat, Lace Wrap, Felted Candy Cane Stocking, and Panda Hat. Available in both print and eBook!
If this loom knitting project continues to go as well as I expect, I’m going to have to give a closer look to some of the other loom knitting pattern books from Leisure Arts:

A knitting loom (or knitting wheel) is amazingly easy to use, and they're available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Look at the stylish knits you can create--without knitting needles! All the basic instructions are here. You can make hats, wraps, a baby blanket, and a cozy blanket with sleeves (inspired by those popular fleece cover-ups sold on TV!). There are slipper socks, scarves, a felted tote, and mitts that convert to handwarmers. Kids will go ape over the sock monkey earflap hat and pocket scarf! It's a snap to find the information you need, because the projects include page references for the techniques you'll use. Dozens of photos show how simple it is to make all 18 of these exciting designs by Kathy Norris on round or straight looms!

Everyone loves hand-knitted socks! And now you can knit custom socks for everyone on your gift list--even if you've never knitted anything before! Fans of the adjustable KB Sock Loom will love this companion book, which provides a handy guide to the loom's basic instructions plus 11 great designs for preemies to adults. It also includes handy tips on how to adjust the sizes to fit a larger or smaller foot. You’ll be an expert in no time! The designs feature mock cables, beaded cuffs, several rib patterns, stripes, garter blocks, a toeless pedicure sock, and spiral tube socks and a hat for preemies. Available in both print and eBook!

Yes, you can knit without using needles! Let a knitting wheel (knitting loom) hold your work while you create hats, belts, scarves, handbags, and so much more. It's so simple, even a child can do it. And since there are no slippery needles to grip, the knitting wheel is the perfect creative tool for anyone whose fingers are sometimes stiff or painful. We'll show you how to use the round wheel and the straight wheel to create beautiful knitted fabric. Just follow the easy instructions. You'll soon finish a mohair evening bag, a fur wrap, a warm shrug, or any of 14 fun, fast, and fabulous accessories. Available in both print and eBook!

Have you discovered the easy way to knit? The knitting wheel (a.k.a. knitting loom) is your key to creating a whole new world of fashion. It's so simple, even a child can do it. In this book, you'll use the Knit, Purl, and Loop Stitches, but you'll go way beyond the basics to knit hats, fingerless mitts, slippers, socks and even a blanket, poncho, or wrap sweater. There are so many fascinating techniques and new wheel shapes to help you create these 18 fun designs by Kathy Norris. Learn how to change colors, fringe-as-you-go, make short rows, and create I-cord, too. We've also included a variety of ways to cast on and instructions on felting. See how fast and fun it is to knit without needles! Available in both print and eBook!
If you’re intrigued by the ease of using a knitting loom, check out these pattern books and stay tuned! I’ll share more of my loom knitting progress using Kathy Norris' I Can’t Believe I’m Loom Knitting in the next couple of days!
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