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Little Black Dresses to Crochet or Knit

I have a dressy occasion looming in the future, and rather than hitting the department store racks, I’m shopping in our Leisure Arts crochet or knit pattern books for the perfect little black dress. (You all know about that essential little black dress I’m sure. It’s a required well-dressed wardrobe staple…Mine needs to be replaced rather desperately…the grown daughter put a lot of mileage on it—playing dress up in her childhood days!)

The Quintessential little black dress in the Crochet Dude Drew Emborsky’s Crochet It. Love It. Wear It! is one of my favorites. Love the elegant neckline, slightly off the shoulder look, and the waist would help hide a multitude of muffin-toppy sins!

Shibaguyz Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby’s NYC Dress from Urban Edge really makes a crocheted statement. The use of classic crochet techniques in this visually stunning, fashion forward design is just way cool.

I can totally see this Daring Decollete Dress from Lena Maikon’s Knits Extraordinaire transformed into the perfect little black dress. With its low-cut front (and even lower-cut back) it’s simple yet seductive. Perfect for very special evenings!

And for perhaps a more simple and conservative little black dress option, this springy Peridot Dress from Deborah Newton’s Warm Weather Knits would also look lovely in black and very dressy with all its textured detailing! I was already contemplating adding it to my summer wardrobe anyway...

And the search for the perfect crochet or knit little black dress continues…Did you see one you like? Oh, and just in case you’re interested, three of these books are available as digital download eBooks:

Crochet It. Love It. Wear It!
Urban Edge
Warm Weather Knits

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