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Learn to Crochet: Double Crochet in Foundation Stitches

I can't get over how fascinated I am by foundation stitches.  I've heard about cast-on methods for knitting that use both needles and get you started with your first row, but I've never tried them for reasons like laziness and/or abject terror.  I'll probably have to suck it up and try that soon.

For now, though, there's still plenty of things to say about foundation stitches.  Today's video shows you how to make the double crochet stitch ("DC" in patterns) using the foundation stitches technique.

I love the look of double crochet stitches.

(I am also the kind of person who has opinions about certain crochet stitches.  You learn something new about yourself every day.)

Double crochet stitches are very common, and one of the first stitches I ever learned to make.  The double crochet stitch is probably THE most common crochet stitch, but don't quote me on that.  I just know a lot of patterns call for them, they're used a lot in making granny squares, and I've all but marked my calendar for the day I get to start talking about granny squares.

Also? Shameless plug here: Leisure Arts has a book called 99 Granny Squares to Crochet.  I hope that blows your mind the way it does mine.  Granny squares are already incredibly versatile, but granny squares done nearly 100 different ways?!  Holy smokes!  Crocheting is so exciting! I don't quite remember where I was going with this post!

Man, crocheting is really cool.  That fact sneaks up and surprises me sometimes and then I get excited and inspired all over again.  Anyway, here is the video showing you how to do one of my favorite stitches, both to see and to crochet.  Enjoy!

And just remember what I said, okay?

Some of them aren't even SQUARE!  The mind reels.

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