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One-Of-A-Kind Fall Leaf Pincushions

Now that it’s officially Fall, I can’t wait for the leaves to start changing colors.

In the meantime, I’ve developed a yen to bring a little of the season in the house with some handmade Fall Leaf Pincushions. I consulted with Anne and Becky, the clever ladies in our design department, and here’s how to recreate the One-Of-A-Kind Pincushions that they came up with:

Felt Leaf Pincushion

You’ll need:
• a leaf
• two colors of green felt
• gold, rust, lt green, & brown embroidery floss
• embroidery needle
• fiberfill
• a real acorn cap
• a felt ball
• craft glue

Use 3 strands of floss for all stitching.
1. Find a leaf that makes you happy.

2. Trace around leaf to make a Leaf Front/Back Pattern.
3. Trace around the inside of the Leaf Front/Back Pattern to create a Center Pattern.
4. Using Leaf Front/Back Pattern, cut Leaf Front and Leaf Back from darker green felt.
5. Using Center Pattern, cut one Center from lighter green felt.
6. Pin Center to Leaf Front and use gold running stitches to sew in place.

7. Use rust stem stitches to freehand veins in Center and stem.
8. Use lt green running stitches to sew Leaf Front to Leaf Back, leaving a small opening for stuffing. Stuff and close opening.
9. Sew around the edge of the Leaf with brown whipstitches, leaving a long end of floss at the stem end.

10. Thread long end of floss through acorn cap and felt ball. Glue ball in cap. Knot floss and trim end.

Fabric Leaf Pincushion

You’ll need:
• a leaf
• stripe & solid fabric
• pinking shears
• brown embroidery floss
• embroidery needle
• fusible web
• brown rick rack
• fiberfill
• sewing machine & brown thread

1. Find a leaf you like.

2. Trace around leaf to make a Leaf Pattern.
3. Using Leaf Pattern, cut Leaf from solid fabric.
4. Based on the size of your Leaf, decide how big you want your pincushion to be and draw an appropriately sized square for a Top/Bottom Pattern.
5. Cut Top from stripe fabric and Bottom from solid fabric.
6. Follow package directions and use fusible web to adhere Leaf to Top.

7. Machine stitch edges of Leaf to Top and create Leaf veins. Add accents to Leaf veins with one strand of brown floss.
8. Stack Front and Back with right sides together and rick rack sandwiched in between. Sew Front and Back together, leaving an opening for turning. Turn, stuff, and sew opening closed.

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