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Giving Thanks

I'm thankful for many wonderful things in my life, but I thought I would make a list here about all of the craft-related things for which I'm truly and deeply grateful.

  • I am thankful for grandmas who taught me to knit and crochet.  Working with yarn has always been a great way to express my creativity, and working a simple pattern when I'm stressed or anxious never fails to make me feel calm.  Those women gave me a big gift when they taught me how to keep my hands busy.
  • I am thankful for parents who didn't know it was weird to let an eleven-year-old knit in public (or at least they acted like they didn't), and who always encouraged me to explore interests that made me happy.
  • I am thankful for granny squares.
  • I am thankful to live near a really great local yarn store.  That's right next to a Starbucks. 
  • I am thankful for the knitting group in my area.  That meets in a place that sells lots of baked goods.
  • I am thankful for a husband who has stopped asking "When are you going to have all the needles?  How many sizes of knitting needles can there be?"
  • I am thankful for a beautiful little girl.  She is sweetness and joy and every day of my life is better because I know her.  I am also thankful for how quickly tiny baby items knit/crochet up (usually).
  • I am thankful that my beautiful little girl will keep those handknit hats on her head (again, usually).
  • I am thankful for Ravelry.  It's really made my year so much better. Seeing how other people use their yarn and patterns, and getting to talk to some of those people, has been absolutely awesome.
  • I am thankful for family and friends who appreciate the time and effort I put into handmade gifts, and who wear the hats and scarves and cowls with pride and enthusiasm.
  • I am thankful for alpaca.
  • I am thankful for the chance to talk to you here.  Carrying on and on about craft-related awesomeness and hearing your stories is, well, awesome.  I hope you're having a happy holiday with people you care about, and that you have much to be thankful for.
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