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Happy Election Day!

If you haven't already done so through early or absentee voting, I hope you vote today!  I really love being an American and I love the democratic process.  It's one of my favorite things about this country, and I tend to get excited about having all these awesome rights and responsibilities.  As in, I was so pumped about my daughter's first presidential election that I crocheted something to celebrate Baby's First Election Day.

It's a donkey and an elephant!  I thought it would be easier than crocheting tiny candidates in suits.

I used Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe yarn in the Mercury colorway for both animals but now that they're all made up, I wish I'd had some light brown yarn for the Democrat donkey just for some variety.  Maybe for the mid-term elections in 2014, because I would love to do this again!

The donkey is a modified version of the Zebra pattern from the A Zoo for You ebook.  The mods were fairly straightforward.  Obviously, I used all gray instead of switching back and forth between black and white yarn, and making longer ears for a donkey.  I chained 8 or so stitches, turned, and crocheted 4 DC stitches in the third stitch from my loop.  Then I made a half-double crochet stitch, and then a single crochet stitch, and then I tied it off.  I sewed in the ends of the yarn through the length of the ears to try to stiffen them up and make them stand out.  They're still a little floppy, so he has a bit of an Eeyore look to him.  A thicker yarn probably would have made them stand up a little better, but I wanted something soft for my daughter.  I used some scrap yarn to make a mane and tail.

Then I changed up the legs by crocheting two tubes and folding them in half instead of making four individual legs because this is America!  We have freedom!  Even the freedom to mess up a perfectly good pattern!  I'm not going to bother telling you what I did because the donkey won't stand up.  Some mods work, and some don't. 

Let's talk about something else!

The ears crack me up.

I know that A Zoo for You also has an elephant pattern, but since I'd hit some speedbumps with that project (the pattern was fine, but I lost the crochet hook and didn't want to jinx myself just in case), I decided to pull out Easy Crochet Critters and try its Elephant pattern.  This time I followed the pattern exactly, except I left the eyes off.  I was worried about how well buttons and toddlers mix, but I may stitch some little eyes on with embroidery floss later.

It might not matter too much, though, because my daughter has already seen the donkey and got really freaked out by it.  She has a history of ignoring or hating little things I've made for her, so I was kind of already expecting it.  But I was a little surprised that when she saw it on the couch, she ran away and shook her head vehemently while almost crying.  She also refused to come back to the couch until I moved the amigurumi donkey of terror out of her line of vision.  I don't know what's going to happen when she sees the elephant, but I think I'm about to have some little friends to hang out with me in my office.  I hate to say it, but I'm a little pleased about that.

I really liked both of these little guys, and I definitely think you should make some for your inauguration watch party.  These little guys are probably going to be at mine!

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