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Learn to Crochet: Double Crochet Stitch

I wrote yesterday's post and then I couldn't figure out why it didn't seem that scary.  One hour before I went to bed, I realized I'd left out two hats, a crocheted basket that I'll probably unravel, and a shawl.  Please note that I wrote this was one hour before I went to bed--not one hour before I went to sleep.  I didn't stay up all night scheming and panicking about how to knock out my UFOs, but I did do some thinking and planning and resolving that the next day would be different!  I would work to finish something!  I would not start another project like I did yesterday!

Yes, I wrote yesterday's post about how much my UFO problem creeps me out and then I started another project that I knew I wouldn't finish before the end of the day.  Naturally.

I'm sure everything's going to be fine.  Just fine.

Anyway, the new project was a fun little diversion and I'm looking forward to telling you about it next week.  It's a simple pattern, and I made a few modifications because there's nothing we crafters like doing better than seeing a really nice pattern and thinking, "This is a really nice pattern but I think that I, in my infinite wisdom, should mess with it."  The modification included a few double crochet stitches in a chain, which is a handy little segue into today's video.

I've already posted about how to make double crochet stitches in foundation stitches, but crocheting in a chain is the more commonplace method.  Besides, who doesn't like knowing lots of things?

Here is the link for the double crochet stitch

I know I do a lot of cheerleading for these videos, but I really do like them!  They're clear and well-lit and, frankly, I'm just getting really invested in them and I get all enthusiastic about various aspects of them.  My favorite part of this video (because I have favorite parts of instructional videos and I'm sure you do, too) was when she explained how to turn a row without subtracting or adding stitches.  This would have been really helpful to know back when I was 9 and trying to figure out how my doll blanket had turned into a kind of doll hammock-pouch-bag(?).  I really was watching today's video, nodding and thinking, "This is important for new crocheters to know!"

I just get excited.  I hope you do, too.

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