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Learn to Crochet: Left-Handed Treble Crochet Stitch in Foundation Stitches

Because I'm a high-tech and fancy person, I have a notebook for all of my blogging ideas.  I try to set out a schedule for when I'll publish posts and I have lists of ideas. In a few more weeks, I'll probably have some sticky notes poking out of the top. Super-impressive Internet stuff going on here!

Magnetic enclosures keep the scatterbrained thoughts from flying out everywhere.

Today's post was written out as "TR left foundation." The first time I glanced at it a day or so after writing it, I was confused about Teddy Roosevelt going somewhere.  I guess I'm just thinking a lot about Presidents right now.* 

Like I said last time, TR is the pattern abbreviation for "treble crochet" and, frankly, I wish the note was shorter because I like scribbling indecipherable codes in a notebook like a mad genius.  Now that I've revealed I'm not very much different at all from the nine-year-old reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventure of the Dancing Men" for the first time, let's have a moment to give thanks for legible notes and the organizational power of notebooks full of lists.

AND let's talk about left-handed crocheting and the treble stitch.  The treble (or "triple") stitch is called that because you make a stitch with your hook in three increments.  It's a little taller than a double crochet stitch, and I just like it a lot because it's cool-looking and really helpful to know how to do.  Curious about how to do it left-handed?

Here is your video!

This is one of the last crochet video posts I'll write.  I'll write a post about the beginning ring videos, and that will conclude the Learn to Crochet series (for now).  If you never wanted to crochet in the round, you could take off and do all kinds of crochet projects just with what you've already learned!  But don't be like that.  I don't want to get too dramatic and act like a life without knowing how to crochet baskets and granny squares and doilies and cowls and hats and little toys isn't worth living, but do you want that life?  Really?

I'll give you time to think about that while you practice your treble stitch.  I'll just be looking up my old Sherlock Holmes books.  We'll talk soon.

*Full disclosure: I wrote this post out ahead of time and scheduled it to post today.  I don't have a clue who the next President will be, and don't have anything to say other than "Wow, so the winner won!  How about that guy?"

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