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Last-Minute Gift Ideas from Everyday Life at Leisure Arts

There's only 5 days left until Christmas!

I know lots of you are trying to finish up Christmas gifts--or,  um, trying to start them.

How do I know?  Aside from knowing because we all do this and I still have 3 projects that I need to cast on myself (whoa!), I can also tell because of Blogger's Stats counter.

Some of the most-read posts this week include some pretty quick and just plain pretty projects that I thought I'd bring straight to you in case you weren't one of those Googlers (let's pretend that's a word) looking for some last-minute project ideas.

First is the post about Bulky Crocheted Scarves.  Whenever I have time constraints, in addition to looking for projects tagged with terms like "quick" or "gift," I also look for words like "one skein" or "bulky."  Big yarn = big stitches.  See?

From the Bulky Scarves post.

This chunky scarf uses about 200 yards of super bulky yarn, and looks so cozy.  I love how bulky yarn projects feel right up against your face when it's windy, and that little touch of lace at the ends keeps the project from looking slapped together.  Anyone with crochet experience could definitely churn this out in a little while and make someone very happy.

Next is the duct taped hat (?!?!).  I did not see that coming, I have to say.  I know Leisure Arts has books on duct tape projects, but this post on duct taping a hat really surprised me.

See?  Duct-taped hat.

This seems like a really fun and quick project, and you won't have to worry about your recipient getting the same thing from someone else. 

Another way to go about doing this, especially if your intended giftee is also a maker, would be to buy a hat and several rolls of tape, and include them with a link to the post (if not one of the books!).  There's no telling what someone could do!  I would almost attempt this for one of my sisters, but her head is so large that hats are hard to find for her.  She'll probably get sad about it all over again once she reads this post.  Sorry.  Let's talk about something else!  Like how to present your.... presents.

This post on handmade gift bags is looking pretty popular.  I can see why!

Ugh, what if the bags were green and the flowers were still red and the buttons were brown?  It would be so Christmasy no one would be able to handle it!  Or red bags with white flowers!  Or blue and silver!  I'll stop now, but I'm still thinking it and I'm sure you are too.

My go-to method of wrapping is to cut up brown paper grocery bags and then tie them up with twine.  It looks rustic and disguises the fact that I'm terrible at wrapping presents.  Fabric gift bags would be much more sustainable (I always have scraps) and infinitely more attractive.  I absolutely love this.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these great ideas, I hope they helped, and I really hope you're making great progress on your holiday gift crafting!

One thought on “Last-Minute Gift Ideas from Everyday Life at Leisure Arts”

  • Laine

    My head is really big...I can never find hats to fit my head! You're right, now I'm sad. But! I do have that one hat that fits me, thank YOU for that!

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