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Learn to Knook: Front Cables Left-Handed

Good morning!  Are you safe?  Are you warm? Do you have power?

Arkansas is still a bit of a mess and I'm at home. I'm writing this post later in the morning than I normally would, and I'm doing it while watching my daughter play with my phone.  She's covered in gingerbread and I'm trying not to think about what's happening to my keyboard because it's entertaining her far more thoroughly than my BBC drama on DVD is.  I don't know why toddlers can't appreciate Masterpiece Mystery.

But enough about me.  If you're a left-handed person at home on this blustery day, ready to learn how to Knook some front cables, then here you go:

Oh cables.  You're so pretty.  I like cables on the Knook because there's not an extra needle and none of the stitches can get away from you.  I was knitting a few cabled things last week and I'd be so focused on the cable needle that I wouldn't even notice that the stitches on one of my main needles had slipped right off.  I was surprised every single time. It was a little pitiful.  But I've liked what I did on the Knook so far.

That's yesterday's picture because I haven't done much more than that.  I just like it when posts have pictures.  Speaking of which, here's another completed dishcloth.

It's the Sunny pattern from Dishcloths Made with the Knook.  I used a H/8 Knook and Sugarn' Cream cotton yarn in Sage Green.  I liked that pattern a lot.  Either I'm finding patterns I like more, or I'm finally getting the hang of using a Knook.  It's probably a combination of the two, but I'm happy either way. 

I hope you're also having fun trying out more Knook things.

Happy Knooking!

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