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Learn to Knook: Front Cables

It's cable time!  Yay cables!  They're fancy!  They're twisty!  They're really not that tricky!


Video can also be viewed here.

The nice thing about making cables on the Knook is that you don't need a cable hook, and you don't have to worry about your other stitches falling off the needles on the left-hand needle.  Or at least I don't.  This might not be something most knitters don't have to worry about.  Anyway,  everything's safe on your cord, and Knooking cables aren't too complicated at all.

I've been trying it myself today:

I know it's not super visible, and my snow day pajama pants are probably detracting from the project, but there you have it!  Knooked cables!

If you're eager to try out cables on a real project, remember that you can Knook any knitted pattern.  Or you can try the book, Urban Hats Made with the Knook

The hat on the cover has cables and everything!  Super cute.

I hope you're staying warm and safe and entertaining yourself with some Christmas yarn.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Happy Knooking!

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